Distribustore - Will Robbins and Lane Boland absconded with $10,000 of my products!


I feel pretty foolish for allowing this scam to happen to me but my only hope in sharing my story is that others aren't conned into doing business with the likes of Distribustore, LLC, Lane Boland or Will Robbins. I'm told they go by other business namessuch as http://checkstandprogram.com/ and http://distribustore.com

Basically, I received a really smooth and friendly sounding email out of the blue from a lady (I won't mention her name because I don't even know if she really exists or is a pseudonym for one of Lane Boland's boiler room crew). The email consisted of only a couple of short paragraphs and eluded that her company, www.distribustore.com, could have my product placed on the shelves of Walgreens as well as 2,000 convenience stores nationwide.

I reluctantly replied to the 1st email and was initially comforted by the reply I received in return that detailed how Distribustore's "program" worked. It stated that I would basically need to pay a $10.00 fee in order to have my skin care product placed in 300-500 convenience store locations as part of a test before performing a national rollout.

The email went on to request that I reply to schedule a call with the sender. I foolishly complied. I was then directed to call in to a conference call line on a predetermined date and time.

However, when I called, I was met by a man claiming to be from England who proceeded to prescreen me to see if I qualified for the Distribustore program.

Silly me, I felt so relieved when I was accepted into the program. Apparently, anyone who is willing to write a check is accepted into their program.

Then there was the 3rd call that was scheduled to take place with an apparent sales manager named Chris Simeral. That guy came across as a total clod and sounded like he might have even been drinking prior to our call.

Chris Simeral further screened me for my ability to pay and then once again congradulated me for making it into their program.

Then came the call with Lane Boland. This guy was polished and came across as a slick salesman. He seemed to have an answer to all of my questions. Come to find out, the answers he provided to me were not factual.

For example, Mr. Boland stated that I would be the only product that Distribustore would represent within my product category. During our nearly one hour phone call, Lane Boland assured me of complete representation for my product and that his sales team had personal relationships with district managers within the Walgreens corporate realm.

After gaining my confidence, lane boland mentioned his partner's name, Will Robbins, multiple times during our conversation. He stated that Will Robbins had a personal relationship with a huge national distributor.

I was then directed to send approximately $10,000 of my product as well as a hefty check to cover a set up charge to them in order to initiate the placement of my products in the stores of my choice.

Unbeknownst to me, they had already secured a similar arrangement with a product owner trying to sell a product very near to mine. I was told that my product didn't sell enough during their test period and that I would need to pay more money if I wanted to run further testing.

All of this happened in a calculated manner with many promises being made along the way. Unfortunately, as a result of working with Lane Boland and Distribustore, LLC I have lost not only nearly $10,000 worth of my product that I had to take out a loan to deliver but also the additional monies that I paid to be a part of the Distribustore "program".

Any product owners reading this, please be VERY CAREFUL if you are considering working with the likes of Lane Boland, Will Robbins, Distribustore, or any of their aliases.

And please consider sharing this information with your facebook friends, professional organizations or anyone else that may benefit from my unfortunate experience.

I also hired a online background research company to look into Distribustore's dealings. Contrary to what I was told by lane Boland, their sales team apparently has no established relationship with store owners or managers. The documentation revealed many discrepancies in their described program while one document in particular contained profane language outlining their entire sales program.

I also discovered that distribustore.com was only created on 12/15/2012 as reflected below by doing a whois.com domain search.

Registration Service Provided By: LAUNCHPAD.COM, INC.


Registration Date: 15-Dec-2012

Expiration Date: 15-Dec-2013

Review about: Company Policy.




This is Will Robins, owner of the Checkstand Program. I am very sorry to hear about your experience and I wanted to clear up a few things regarding your statements above.

- Checkstand Program is not affiliated with Lane, Chris or Distribustore in anyway shape or form. Lane used to be an outside sales rep for our company, but we have parted ways a long time ago and I think that is why you may have heard Lane also uses the alias name Checkstand Program.

- We do not represent a skin care product line in our portfolio.

- We do not accept any product in our program whatsoever. Our clients ship their product strait to our distribution team, who in turn distributes their product to the convenience stores. Our clients are also provided the name of the distributor, address, contact name and phone number in which they are shipping product to.

I wish you would have called us and spoken to be about this incident before you went ahead and posted such a false and horrible claim using our name.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me at 501-860-5535.


Will Robins

Kansas City, Missouri, United States #606758


I humbly ask you to post an image or link to an image of the cleared check and freight receipt for our alleged business together.

I will declare you can not.

Your knowledge of our product selection process and the fact that we only care one product brand per category indicates to me you are either a former employee or a product who was declined.

It is true we only carry one product per product category. It is equally true we do not carry a skin care line that you may or may not represent. If this is Jeff from Art's and Mary's Chips, we withdrew our offer to you because a competitor of yours offered us a better deal and a signed contract before you decided you wanted to work with us.

Melissa, I suggest you get your money back from your investigator. He must have missed our biggest distribution partner Purity Wholesale Grocers. PWG is a billion dollar firm. Our point of contact there is Steve Crouppen and you anyone may reach him by contacting me at lane@distribustore.com for his personal contact information or you may call him at 561-994-9360.

S/he must have also missed two other distributors I consistently work with:

Sierra Madre Distirbution-Fernando Trejos-479-685-5942

Conrad Wholesale-Joe Halula-814-536-5391

For a complete listing of all our distribution and district store managers, please email me at lane@distribustore.com

I do consider this libel and after officially arbitrating via this website, we will seek to recover damages for lost business and the cost to restore this firm's reputation on the web. We will also include in the suit anyone who reproduces this false report.

Very respectfully,

Lane Boland




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